Boys will be boys!
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Note:  Most puppies are born with blue eyes.  I expect all the puppy’s’ eyes will be brown soon.  All the puppies have black
points – their  foot pads and noses are black.  There are no white markings or spots on these puppies.  I expect our vet will
determine they all have excellent temperaments when they visit him at 7 weeks of age.

*** Please note I am not a photographer.  The puppies look different in different lighting situations and I do not know how    
to correct or adjust for lighting.differences.
WHITE Collar with Football Ribbon - This guy is
ready for his family.  He wants to be with people and he
wants  them now.  He made the last photo shoots go awry.  
He just keeps coming to me. Over and over.  He wants to kiss
cuddle and he keeps coming back for more.   

My best guess is he will be 55 -65 lbs when fully grown.  At 5
weeks the boy weighed 4 lbs 10 oz
Blue              Yellow                    Black
White                 Brown           Maroon