7.        Litter Box Training- Puppies are taught
to use a litter box with pine pellets.  By the third
week of age they are taught there is a proper
place to go potty.  Weather permitting they will
also learn to "go outside".  Once they move to
their new homes it is easier to potty trrain them by
showing them he spot you want them to use.
Enrichment is all of the positive experiences which effect your puppy. Enrichment
involves exposure to a wide variety of interesting, novel, and exciting experiences
with opportunities to investigate, manipulate, and interact. We hope the results will
show that the puppies we raised in an enriched environment will be inquisitive and
able to perform new and varied tasks.
1. Bio Sensory Stimulation –  early
stimulation of the pup's neurological system.
The benefit of these  exercises include
improved cardio vascular performance,
stronger adrenal glands, greater stress
tolerance and greater resistance to disease.
2. Puppy Culture  -  Puppies are introduced to something new everyday. The idea behind these exercises is to
stimulate the areas of the brain primed for development spurt.  
3. Activity Center – At 4 weeks of age, we
introduce the puppies to a new world of sights,
sounds, touch and motion.
4. Socialization -  between the fourth and sixteenth week of age puppies are handled, mothered and have
contact with others.
5. Problem Solving and Learning - he
puppy is presented with a problem or training
task, and then asked to solve that problem for
a reward. .
6.        Early Scent Training – Puppies are introduced to the stimulus of a strong smell.  
8. Crate Training - Puppies begin sleeping in open crates to ease the transition into crate training for
their new families.
Our puppy enrichment program